About Us

Having a love for fitness and athleticism goes well beyond the boundaries of CrossFit alone, which is why the roots of CrossFit Hollywood (CFHW) were established long before the CrossFit ‘movement’.

In 2008, CrossFit Hollywood officially launched as the brainchild of lifetime athlete/fitness enthusiast, Andy Thompson, and ex-SEAL, Neil Mahoney. Founder Andy discusses how the idea for CFHW developed:

"After working in Hollywood for 2 years as a trainer, I discovered the methodology of CrossFit from a fellow gym goer. I would visit the main CrossFit website for fitness ideas where I noticed that they provided a ‘WOD’ (Workout Of the Day). I started incorporating these methods into my training and then my client’s. After 4 months of implementing CrossFit, my clients had more results than the previous two years I had been training them!”

Starting in Pan Pacific Park with only 2 classes and 13 members, CrossFit Hollywood quickly moved into their current location at 3rd and La Brea, where they now offer close to 100 classes per week to over 300 members. At the time, no place in Hollywood catered to like-minded fitness fanatics that needed a higher energy environment. CFHW’s goal was to become the place where you could listen to loud music and get the work done that was required.

Andy’s candidness summarizes just how much he cares about producing the right environment:

"I was 'written-up' numerous times while I was a trainer at Gold's Gym in Hollywood, due to reserving stations for CrossFit workouts... The music always sucked... if I had to hear another Hillary Duff song, I was gonna shoot myself in the head..."

More importantly, CrossFit Hollywood is known around the world for it's exceptional coaching and it's enthusiastic environment. Since 2008, over 15 other successful gyms have developed from former members of CFHW. CrossFit Hollywood proudly sets the standard for the best coaching staff in the greater Los Angeles area.

"When you truly care about helping others, and sharing your passion, it's not working. It's love."